My "WHY" for getting into this race is that we need someone to represent EVERYBODY in our multi-cultural district. Not just certain ones. I, like you have a residents perspective of what is going on here as the only lifetime resident in this 8th Aldermanic District race. Try this, vote with your heart, mind, and soul. Not your sex, race, or political party. Be true to you. Why would you have a blind allegiance to have to vote for a certain sex, race, or political party? I go a little deeper into this thinking in the video below. We as the leaders of this city need to be more responsible. We don't need candidates that are running for Alderman with a narrow agenda, that are soft on crime, misconstrue numbers that work in their favor, & being big supporters of differed prosecution on a continuous basis. And yes, most of the candidates running for Alderman here SUPPORT THIS!! As a results-driven Alderman you will see with a respectable improvement in my 4 years if elected. As a parent raising kids and candidate in the 8th District. I have a higher stake here than others that are running. Safer neighborhoods are personally a higher priority to me than the other candidates. I don't have all of the answers and the more ideas we come up with together. The better off all of us will be. I'm on Facebook at Antczak for Alderman. We need sensible & like minded Aldermen in Milwaukee that think fiscally responsible and start putting the citizens of Milwaukee first, and not just downtown and streetcar. I will do my best to live and serve by the Scout Oath, Law, and Motto for I'm the only Boy Scout/Eagle Scout in this race. I like to think I hold myself to a higher standard.


Ryan Antczak


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