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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Attending meetings by LBWN, and others I got feedback on what would help our district. Much thanks to LBWN/SOC/MPD for hosting these meetings so all of us can be heard. The City of Milwaukee has many grants and classes to encourage home ownership. We need to show that it is possible to own your own home, & not some far fetched goal. People take care of what’s theirs and have a lot more respect and pride where they live if they own. Where roots are set in. Homes are affordable here, the taxes are too high though. I know with the elections in 2020. That many seats are going to get turned for that the voters of those districts are going to want change. Interest rates for buying homes are at the lowest they’ve ever been. Area credit unions & banks have classes to put a plan of action that will get you to own a house. Paying yourself as opposed to paying someone else’s mortgage. You may also realize that some mortgages may be cheaper than paying rent. If elected to Alderman, I want to make the connections to have every house here in the 8th District sold to a list of people that WANT TO LIVE IN THE 8TH DISTRICT.. This will reinforce to the types of people that WANT TO BE IN OUR DISTRICT. People that care and love our neighborhoods. That have a stake in what happens on their block. I also like Alderman Bob Donovan will be all over nuisance properties. This is going to be big in keeping in check: crime, drug houses, noise & prostitution. We as the neighborhood are going to let them know, none of it will be tolerated. I will propose and fight for improvement grants &/or low to 0% down loans. I truly believe we can make great progress in driving down crime, raising civilness, & overall quality in our District by bringing people who truly care about their neighborhoods. I’m not going to let our Mayor cut 60 Police Officers & the CPU where this is needed so badly. Mayor Barrett can take a cut from his trolley.

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